The Fine Line

Harry Styles. He grew up in the eye of the public, constantly changing with age. From the time he was an immature sixteen year old singing pop songs in a boy band, to where he has ended up as a mature music artist who has broken so many social boundaries, the evolution he has had as an artist and as a person is undeniable. After huge success in beginning a career as a solo artist with his self titled debut album in 2017, Harry Styles, Styles has recently announced the upcoming release of his new album, Fine Line. In announcing this news, the image of the album cover was also released. The cover has many different potential interpretations and has been heavily investigated by different media outlets in order to try and make sense of this album cover’s meaning. 

The main idea that Styles wants to convey in his album cover is all about challenging traditional norms of gender and culture. On the cover, Styles’ outfit was very different compared to something that a typical male would wear. He wants to let people know that you do not have to wear what people want you to wear in order to be happy or find success because look at him, he is thriving and he is just wearing whatever he wants. The album title “Fine Line,” is really what captures the idea as a whole. Styles is making it known that the line that differentiates femininity and masculinity is beginning to thin, so why care what the difference is? Also, his facial expression is something to notice also. The shocked look he has almost comes across as a sarcastic tone to all of the people that critique his style, saying “Oh I’m not supposed to wear this? Oh well!”

Going back to the idea of the “Fine Line,” the colors on the cover are blue, which typically represents males and masculinity, and pink, which typically represents females and femininity. He is getting at the idea that those genders are simply represented as colors and they can be in close proximity with each other and still be great. The two colors are beginning to mesh together and sure from the surface there is a difference between them, but when you look deeper, it is just a color, and it does not matter which one you choose to identify with more. Everybody has the capability to be represented by both colors.

 Harry Styles over time has developed to be an icon for the sole reason he has broken so many boundaries in the industry. With his latest album cover release, he truly wants audiences to get a sense that it is a good thing to challenge tradition and expectations and not do things just because societal norms tell you to do so. The line is diminishing as we continue forward, let us embrace that fine line.


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