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Welcome to the class blog for E110 Sections 020, 021 and 025 for the Fall semester of 2019! All three of my sections share this blog, so you’re interacting with students you may not always see in class–66 students in total. Your blog posts will always appear below this message (this post is sticky). Remember to check the syllabus or course calendar for blog post and comment due dates, and what the posts are actually supposed to be.

Quick reminders:

  • Give your post a title. Seriously.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. There’s no point in posting if no one can read it.
  • Do not post your personal contact information on the blog. We’re shielded from search engines, but don’t give the spambots something to hold on to.
  • This is the internet. The internet is basically the same thing as being in public.

Anyway, this is the internet, not kindergarten. I think you know what to do and what not to do.


One thought on “Blog Posts”

  1. Hello everyone my name is Anthony. I was born here in Newark, lived in Wilmington for a brief time, but spent the majority of my childhood in Selbyville, Delaware. My major is criminal justice and I hope to be involved in high level law enforcement or some other government agency. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite player is Lebron James. I am the youngest of three. My two older siblings both graduated from college. I am excited to be on this journey.


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