Do the Class project.

In grade 6 I had to complete a project for my social studies class. I will refer to my teacher as a different name out of respect for him. Mr. Wallace was generally an easy-going and approachable teacher. That is until one time in March where I tested his limits. We had to build a replica of a famous building, landmark, monument, or important scene in history. We had a few weeks to complete the project, as my teacher wanted everyone to do their best work. My first couple of classmates presented, then a few more went. This would go for a week and a half until we got down to the final ones. I was one of the few remaining who had to present. Mr. Wallace was beginning to wonder when I would have my project ready, and he began to question me. I lied to my teacher and said my replica was almost complete and that I was putting the finishing touches on it. Fast forward a little bit, my parents found out and their reaction was not pleasant. After some yelling and awkward talk of disappointment, it was time to do the assignment. I had decided to build the Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom. I finished the replica with the help of my parents, gave the presentation, and received surprisingly good feedback from Mr. Wallace and my classmates. My twelve year old self was dumb enough to think I could get out of doing the assignment. Always do your work. I learned the hard way.

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