Summary Analysis – Beauty or Health

As a result of the extremely harmful side effects, consumers and producers should decide between beauty and health. The article states, “Two popular but dangerous examples are acrylic and gel nails, which are infused with ingredients including toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, and, most notably, methacrylates.” Acrylic nails are the fake nails you paste on when you want to look more presentable or if you have really short nails and want them to look longer. This is one of the most common ways girls do their nails which is really horrifying to hear after reading this article. Methacrylate is being used in acrylic nails which can “damage the human respiratory system, but they also have the reputation of damaging the nervous system”, as stated in the article. The other popular but dangerous nail structure is gel manicure. I use to get gel manicure for 5 years until my nails started to break because of how weak they were. My mom use to also hate how they use the UV light to dry your nails cause it is known to cause health problems. For this reason I switched to powder gel. 

Mya Soukaseum uses style to build up the emotion and authority aspects of the argument. She does this by starting out her article with the text, “When we as consumers are concerned most with the final results of the products we use, we render ourselves blind to the true nature of what lies behind flashy, meretricious packaging.” This shows and proves that everything is not always what it seems or looks. The tone the author uses is worried, troubled, and anxious. By constantly using style to build up emotions of the argument, Soukaseum captures the audience to keep reading.


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