Health or Beauty

The essay “The Price of Beauty: Methacrylates in the Artificial Nail Industry” by Mya Soukaseum is an informative essay about the health concerns in the synthetic nail industry. The thesis of this paper is that consumers and businesses must choose between health and beauty when using nail products with methacrylates in them, as they have been found to have harmful side-effects. Her essay describes multiple examples about the harmful chemicals in regular nail products. For example, how many gel and acryllic nail products contain methacrylates, and how harmful they are to human beings. People are developing respitory nervous system comp;ications, as well as rashes. This essay encompasses shocking information about the industry, and reasoning to stop the use of these products. Soukaseum’s argument is well written and very convincing.  She uses research from different scientific experiments to back up her stance as well. She also uses other tactics to convince the reader of her argument. Soukaseum uses ethos, pathos, kairos, and diction in order to persuade the reader to listen to her point of view. Her argument was very successful and convincing, and her essay is overall very well written.

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