Space Colonization

Humans should learn how to colonize in space because it would be beneficial to the survival of the human civilization.  If humans were able to live somewhere other than Earth, it would allow for our species to live on and procreate in the event of a natural disaster.  In addition, we would have access to more new and useful resources than are available on earth. Moving our civilization to a different planet could be the only hope for saving human civilization

Many scholarly scientists say that moving human life to other planets is the only way to save the human species.  According to the Wikipedia article, in 2006 Stephan Hawking stated that if we do not colonize outer space within the next 200 years, mass extinction may be upon us.  With the diminishing ecosystem and enviroment of Earth, it is not likely that life on this planet will survive much longer. Soon, with global warming, the earth will no longer be a safe, healthy place to live. Mass extinction of the human race is likely coming in the near future. Another large argument for moving human life to other places is in the event of nuclear warfare.  If nuclear warfare were to happen on Earth, it would wipe out the human race in its entirity. Moving human colonization to a different planet could save the human race.

Another reason for colonizing off of Earth is because of the plentiful resources found on other planets. The wikipedia article states that the solar system alone has enough material and energy to support over a billion times that over the human population.  Asteroid mining would also be a great way to obtain resources outside of Earth. Asteroid mining could help find water and materials for building and sheilding from things in the atmopshere. The biggest resource that another planet could provide is a plentiful amount of space.  Because the Earth is so highly populated, moving to another space would allow for people to have more space and expansion.

Overall, colonizing planet’s in outerspace, or at least beginning to learn how to is a very smart move.  Earth as we know it will most likely not last very much longer, and if we do not take initiative the human race could soon be extinct.  The resources that the solar system could provide would also be very beneficial considering Earth is beginning to run out of certain resources. Space colonization is necessary for human civilization. 


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