Proposal: Meditation and Mindfulness Should Be Implemented in Everyday Life

For my research proposal, I am researching the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness is for every type of person, of every age group. Whether you are a doctor or in a demanding job, or a student with an enormous workload, or just someone who needs to slow down every once in a while; meditation and mindfulness is for you. That sounded like an advertisement. Whoops.

I began my proposal simply by talking about all of the positive aspects to meditation and mindfulness, such as:
– reducing burnout
– increasing immune system functions
– increasing efficiency and productivity
– enhances focus and self awareness
– promotes weight loss
– uplifts one’s mood
and many other things.

My plan for my research project is to appeal to all types of people, who are all struggling with different things in today’s harsh, demanding society. I plan to appeal to students, aspiring doctors, people searching for jobs, people who are aging and feeling pessimistic because of it, and many more.


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