So, What’s the Deal with Millennials?

Gen Y, Gen Next, or the most popular term to refer to this generation: “Millennial.” That title to older generations stirs up some level of either anger, frustration or confusion and it is widely accepted that this constant hate that millennials receive in society is normal. However, what is it that millennials have done to be forced to withstand this constant backlash, and is the hate from older generations justified for any reason? There is no shortage of news and articles circulating around highlighting all of the things that millennials have apparently ruined or done incorrectly and in turn, these young adults are constantly having to defend their generation. Though millennials have done their fair share of negative things for society, the hate they receive is not justified. The hatred just follows the pattern in history of older generations disapproving of modern ones because in reality, millenials have actually contributed a lot of positive elements to society. 

Millennials are the largest generation history has seen and are often seen as a generation of technology. From an economic standpoint, that is where millennials are receiving a lot of their hate. According to Goldman Sachs, more millenials live at home with their parents, have a lower average marriage age and are putting off having children to later ages as well. However, all of this isn’t exactly something that they can be in control of. In the past ten years, the years where millennials were moving into their prime economic time, employment rates have lowered and the amount of student debt has risen. The average student loan debt for a post-grad millennial is $20,296 and has only bee climbing as the years continue. 

Millennials are always being labeled as “entitled” by older generations. And though this is slightly true, as studies have found that millennials responded that they feel they deserve more in the workforce, entitlement isn’t always a bad thing. It can lead to stronger drive for success and inspire more creative ideas and thoughts. Millennials are transforming the workforce as a whole, past the entitlement. According to Forbes magazine, what they are changing is the typical workplace where a boss is so highly above everyone and is cramming tasks down their throats. They are changing it to where if something isn’t right, they will speak up and they aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. They are also making companies be more open to the idea of flexible schedules, realizing that as long as work is getting done well, it doesn’t matter what time in the day it’s done.  

The pattern of millennials constantly receiving hate had been seen since the earliest of times, even in the days of Aristotle, where they observed the younger people not being as wise as the elders. The reason behind this is that older generations consistently view younger generations as immature. It is just something that is widely accepted, even though it shouldn’t always be. 


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