Image Analysis

We first see here a beautiful sunset full or warm vivid colors. Right off the bat, setting a nice comforting vibe when looking at this image. Drawing from the “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” you see this is an album cover. “You should Be Here” by R&B female artist Kehlani. On the very cover of this album is Kehlani, in her authentic self with her tattoos and all. The songs on this album are very personal, just like the cover. Kehlani in raw form with her hair let loose and a pair of classic dirty high top vans tossed off to the side. This album is not a decorated version of herself, but her true self. The white T-shirt wearing Kehlani with not a care in the world except her music.

Here she is sitting on top of the world… (or a city in California hence the Golden Gate Bridge in the background) with nothing but her computer and a music recorder. Kehlani is the type of artist that takes pride in her music and wants to perfect her craft as much as possible. The album cover models this, as Kehlani is sitting on the roof top of this tall building with no distractions what so ever. Just staring off into the sunset, and letting the music flow right out of her. Kehlani’s raw talent is a reason why so many people listen to her songs; because, they are so relatable to the average person.

Kehlani could’ve easily chosen a glammed up album cover like other R&B artists, instead she chose a drawing of herself just facing the beautiful colorful sunset. Another factor in this image which I believe Kehlani did on purpose almost as a form of symbolism is: the fact she’s facing away on the album cover. You can’t see her face, the only thing that stand out besides the background is the fact that you can tell it’s her. With the hair color, and her exact tattoos she has on our body are detailed on the album cover.

Kehlani’s philosophy is she wants her music to matter more to people than what she looks like. Looking at this album you’re not listening to it simply because you see a pretty face, but for the zenful vibe the album cover gives off as soon as you look at it. Looking at this album cover I see a woman lost in reality, but lost in her music at the same time. Kehlani is watching the sunset go down, and planes go by as she’s coming in tune with her music and self. That album comforting album cover itself, makes me want to listen to this album. Album covers are a big factor when it comes to audiences who are actually going to listen to albums. By this album cover, those who don’t even know who Kehlani is are going to want to listen to it.When artists connect to their music by means of even an album cover they can connect with their listeners. Kehlani does an excellent job in executing her album cover as cover art, drawing in fans.


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