Image Analysis

We live in a world full of advertisements that surround us all the time. Whether we are at the grocery store, walking through the streets of downtown or in a movie theater, advertisements can be identified all over the place. However, humans often choose not to pay attention to them despite all the effort that is put into creating them. Advertisements include so much detail so that many are gone unnoticed. The image I chose to analyze is an advertisement for Coca-Cola. This advertisement includes many details and small additions that enhance it and make it more persuading. It is clearly expressed that the creator of this advertisement put great time and consideration into it.

Pictured is a close-up view of a Coca-Cola bottle with a background of a grassy field and a small piece of a person cut out on the left corner. There is also a quote which states, “open a Coke, open happiness.” The intended audience could be anyone, although Coca-Cola probably is trying to target mostly young adults because they most likely drink Coke most often. In this ad, Coca-Cola is attempting to present to the audience that their product will make them happy and is an enjoyable drink. 

By presenting the Coca-Cola bottle up close they are explicitly showing the viewers what the main focus of the ad is. This grabs their attention first so then they can see all the other details surrounding it. The quote is placed to the right of the bottle which is strategic so that viewers will see it directly after they look at the bottle. The quote is directly stating their main goal of the ad, that Coke is a product that will make them happy which is why they should purchase it. 

There is also a background image of a green grassy field with the sun brightly shining down on it. The colors used to create this are very bright and pleasing to the eyes, which correlate with the positive feelings they want the viewers to experience when looking at the ad. The addition of a ladybug crawling on the grass adds to the summery, happy, and positive feeling as well. 

Finally, there is also a depiction of part of a human’s leg and arm in the lower-left corner of the image. Although not much of the body is shown, it is efficient as it shows the connection this product has to people. It shows the viewers that they too can have a refreshing Coke to drink on a hot summer day and increases their likelihood of purchasing the product. 

This advertisement for Coca-Cola is very persuasive and efficient in grabbing the viewer’s attention and showing them why their product is so great and will make them happy. Coca-Cola successfully implements small details to their advertisement to show the positive connection there is with their product which will persuade more viewers to purchase it.


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